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Monday, February 06, 2006

Greenhouse Gods

Framers Blues: Framers not Farmers. Actually I shouldn't feel too blue as the weather has been nice to work in (40 F in Vermont in February!). Still grinding away on framing the ends of our greenhouse. Worked with the wife and she came up with a nice design that allowed us to use a - barely enough length- section of 1x10 to put on the peak. I think she just won the geometry teacher role for our new boy!

I have been framing with material bought from a pile of rough cut hemlock lumber ( 10 to 12ft sections of 2x10) that I purchased years ago from a neighboring garage sale. The garage sale was in the garage, but I asked what might be in the shed and lo-and-behold their was a jumbled pile of misc. lumber. I made an offer then waded in to sort out the goods. It has been sitting in our barn for about 5 years. Most of it is knotty so not great for woodworking (side hobby of mine) but its good enough for framing. I have been ripping the 8inch wide boards in half on the bandsaw. Kind of hurts to do that, but cheaper than driving and buying 2x4s at the local hardware store. I did find a nice 10 inch wide, 10ft section with only a few knots. I am saving that one out for making windsor chair seats.

So we completed one end (the bidness end) of the greenhouse, and got a good start on the back end. Still need to put on the greenhouse plastic, hang the heater, hook up the propane, and do the wiring. I'm not too worried - the wife still hasn't ordered the seeds yet!