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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pure Vermont Lard

We spent the weekend rendering the Tamworth pork fat we got back from the butcher. Everything went smoothly and we made 8 quarts of 100% pure creamy lard from about 18 lbs of fat. Here is a great link for describing how to make lard.

Lard is a great in baking and makes the best pie crust - very flaky! It is a great source of Vitamin D - the pigs store it in their fat from the summer sunshine! Try finding pure lard in your grocery store - YOU CAN'T! Its only available from small farms like ours who take the time to make it.

Available at our farmstand - the first batch is almost gone. Don't worry we plan on making more!

1 comment:

Peter comly said...

How about the cracklin's. Will you be selling them as well? Great blog by the way.