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You can eat fresh vegetables, and pasture-raised & grassfed meats from our farm YEAR ROUND!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vermont Raw Milk

Our friend Adam runs Essex Creamery in Essex, Vermont. He lives on an apple orchard, bakes incredible bread that he sells at the Farmers Markets, and milks 4 Jerseys for Raw Milk that he sells from the farm. He feeds them high quality hay in the winter and pastures them during the summer.

This is the milk I remember growing up on. I milked (by hand) a Guernsey-Jersey cross that we called "Cookie". The milk was rich, golden, creamy and sweet! Exactly what Adam's cows produce.

If you have not tried raw milk you owe it to yourself. It is unbelievable and unadulterated! You can skim the cream off to make butter or yogurt, or you can just drink it right off the top like I do. I always fight for first pour at our house!

If you are in the Burlington, VT area give Adam a call (802) 922-2808, and see if he has any milk left to sell! For more information on raw milk go here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Winter Farmers Market

Christa helping a customer at the Williston Farmers Market yesterday. We had plenty of potatoes (Green Mountain, Keuka Gold, German Butterball) and crisp, juicy carrots.

Our Pasture Raised Pork and 100% Grassfed Beef sold well as did our eggs from Free Range Hens.

We even managed to sign up a few families to our Summer CSA!

Its always good to see folks come out and support local farmers and crafters. We will be back for the last winter market in Williston on April 11th. The next Burlington Winter Farmers Market is March 21 at the Memorial Auditorium. If you have not made it - go it is a great event!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Soap Making

Our good friends Mari and Laura came over and helped us make some soap!

We have a lot of pork and beef fat in our freezers and thought we might have a go of turning fat into soap!

If the soap comes out well we may even sell some in the future.

Thanks Mari and Laura for teaching and guiding us in the fine art of soap making! Visit the BLOG about their beautiful Vermont farm.