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Friday, January 19, 2007

Asa's Throne

Asa finally has a place at the table! I finished his handmade Windsor Highchair. It has two coats of milk paint (a great non-toxic finish) sea green over a coat of red. Then two coats of an oil varnish mixture rubbed out and finally a coat of paste wax for protection from spills. This is an heirloom chair that he can pass on to his kids, and his kids to their kids, and so on...

If you are interested in purchasing a handmade Windsor Chair (adult and/or child chairs) see my chairs and other handmade furniture at: www.jerichosettlersfarm.com/windsorchairs.html


Peter comly said...

Nice work. I do some blacksmithing in the winter, mostly custom reproduction hardware. If you ever need hinges or anything let me know. Long live cottage industry!

Again, really nice work.

jericho farmer said...

Thanks Peter. I aim to build a blanket chest with some strap hinges - will call you up some day.