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Monday, May 14, 2007

Potato planting

Christa is sitting on the transplanter seat dropping cut seed potatoes into a furrow that is dug in the soil by a metal shoe. There are two metal wheels behind the metal shoe that close the furrow. The photo is from the back of the tractor, Christa is traveling backwards at a slow pace. the field that we prepared is about 550 feet long and it takes us 20 minutes to plant this distance with the transplanter. I planted a few rows by hand and it took me 50 minutes per row.

We are planting on some nice sandy loam soil at a farm about 2 miles south of us. We plowed and harrowed a 2 acre piece for this year. A short term rental has been signed on this plot and we are looking forward to growing crops on this soil. The folks who own the land had been vegetable farmers about 20 years ago, so they are very knowledgeable and I pick their brains often.

You can see the farm truck in the distance and the white marshmallows are wrapped round bales. The sames ones that I fed the pigs this past winter (I take the wrapping off of course).

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