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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Using Old Farm Implements

I chained up an old horse drawn spring tooth harrow to do some weeding the other day. Its only about 3 feet wide which means alot of passes to pull up weeds. I have another harrow just like it that I plan on joining together with this one.

I picked up this harrow and a few spike harrows (kind of like large nails attached to a frame) at an old farm this spring. A guy was cleaning up around an old barn and I stopped in to say hello and ask if he had any old farm machinery he wanted to part with. He did and he talked about his uncle that farmed the land with horses many years ago. Those old implements have now found new life on a new farm.

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Zach said...

Neat! My parents have quite a stash of horse drawn equipment in their barn from the previous family that lived on the farm.


Great blog! I hope to buy some acres and start a small farm similar to yours!