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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snowfarmer, Cultivator, Sledding

Asa and Mama posing next to their snow farmer!

Here is a recent purchase for the Farm: a Williams Tool System. It is a large metal frame with tine weeders. It also came with cultivating knives, hilling discs and gauge wheels. It has a 3 pt hitch to attach to the back of our tractor. This tool will allow us to significantly cut down on our hand weeding. The tines allow for blind cultivating of crops after seeding and just before the seeds come up. Some crops can even be cultivated with the tines after the plants are up: pumpkins, potatoes, corn, etc. We bought this from a vegetable farmer up in North Troy, VT.

Asa sledding down the hill behind the house. He really enjoys this fun activity, even when he wipes out!

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