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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Summer-Fall Photos 2008

Another Busy Summer and Fall with no time to post to the farm blog. So here is an update in photos of what we have been doing!


Carolina Trekker said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for shareing. Would like to see a sequel of pictures of your place in winter's snow. Really beautiful there where you are. Your farm is amazing.

Sandy Alexander said...

Christa and Marc:
I just discovered your blog. Great pictures! I know you guys work so hard on that farm, but what a wonderful way of life. I envy you!
Happy New Year. Sorry there was no Debbi Burton party this year, I would have loved to see that little (not so little) Asa in person!

Julie Alexander said...

Christa this blog is so interesting! I have just had my morning tea over here in France looking at your blog.
It is amazing what you have accomplished. Such hard work, but how nice that your world, and your family, are all in the same place.
Lots of love from cousins overseas, Julie Alex