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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vermont Raw Milk

Our friend Adam runs Essex Creamery in Essex, Vermont. He lives on an apple orchard, bakes incredible bread that he sells at the Farmers Markets, and milks 4 Jerseys for Raw Milk that he sells from the farm. He feeds them high quality hay in the winter and pastures them during the summer.

This is the milk I remember growing up on. I milked (by hand) a Guernsey-Jersey cross that we called "Cookie". The milk was rich, golden, creamy and sweet! Exactly what Adam's cows produce.

If you have not tried raw milk you owe it to yourself. It is unbelievable and unadulterated! You can skim the cream off to make butter or yogurt, or you can just drink it right off the top like I do. I always fight for first pour at our house!

If you are in the Burlington, VT area give Adam a call (802) 922-2808, and see if he has any milk left to sell! For more information on raw milk go here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,
Found the link to your site at the chairnotes blog. My wife read the heading on your blog and thought I wrote it as a April fools joke. We live above 10,000' in the Rockies, it's not the easiest place to grow things but were going to build a green house this year. I talk to my wife often about relocating and having a diversified farming operation, supplimented with a woodshop. I'm sure the hard work is worth it!