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You can eat fresh vegetables, and pasture-raised & grassfed meats from our farm YEAR ROUND!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Pasture-raised Pork Chops!

Asa holds a blade-steak chop from our heritage breed of pasture-raised pork. Look at the color and marbling of that pork chop! For comparison, go to the supermarket and look at what the pork industry (confined pigs on concrete, 100% grain diet, antibiotics and hormones added) produces and packages. Which meat would you rather eat and which farm would you like to support?

The taste and flavor of our pork is amazing. How do we do it? We give the pigs room to roam, rotating them through pastures. They drink fresh water and eat a diverse diet consisting of pasture, worms, grubs, cheese, garden vegetables, apple drops and Vermont milled grains.

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