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Friday, November 17, 2006

piggly wigglys

The Farm's first piglets! The two Tamworth sows we recently purchased just had piglets about a week apart. The first sow was bred to a purebred Tamworth boar, the second sow (in photo) was bred to a berkshire boar. Her piglets came a week after the first sow. They have some black spotting on them. All are healthy. Each sow farrowed 11 piglets and each lost one when we found the new piglets in the morning- so they ended up with 10 piglets each.

Both sows are in the same section of the hoophouse we built for them this fall. They share a well bedded space that is 10 x 25 ft in size and they also co-nurse. All the piglets sleep together in a pile and when a sow lays down and turns on her side they all run up to nurse. We will wean the piglets from the sows in about a month. The piglets will continue to stay in their section, the mama sows will be turned in with the boar for breeding.

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