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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Planting the Stinking Rose

Christa planted nearly 3000 bulbs of garlic this fall! I didn't get a chance to help her as I was building the livestock hoophouse - so she can claim all the credit and glory for next years garlic crop. She is planting some new varieties that we recieved from a friend down the road. He is a botany professor that loves garlic so we swapped varieties. We also swap garlic with non-botanists.

You can always tell when winter is coming - Christa starts to wear her ski beanie. I don't think she has ever planted garlic without a beanie on her head!

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Anonymous said...

I know another gal who wears hers without fail - probably in the same fashion - :). Your website is awesome, I have plans to set up blog like this too. We really miss you guys - the farm looks amazing!