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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Shearing Sheep

A few weeks ago, Jim and Liz came by to shear our small flock of Montadale Sheep. As luck would have it, it was cold and spitting snow. We moved the operation into the tent were the gilts had farrowed their piglets. The piglets have been weaned and you can see them in the background checking out the operation.

Liz and Jim put on leather soled slippers and work on a piece of plywood, that allows them to keep their footing as the move the sheep around to shear and hoof trim. They worked fast and efficiently.

They look a bit scrawny after getting sheared. Jim says they look great for grassfed ewes getting ready to lamb by mid May!

Check out the video at the bottom!


Carolyn Evans-Dean said...

They always look so NAKED after getting sheared. Do they adjust quickly to the temperature change?

Flowers said...

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Flowers said...

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