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Friday, April 09, 2010


Giroux Body Shop - a farmer's friend!  These guys are great, if i have a thorny issue with some farm machinery or equipment I take it to them.  Countless times I have taken a photo of another farmers piece of equipment and had them build it for me.  Or I come up with an idea on a piece of scrap paper and Steve fine tunes the drawing and specs before building.

Here they are at some of the machines they use to fabricate metal parts and pieces.  I bought a 6 ft section of square steel tubing as a tool bar for one of the farm implements.  A tool bar is just that, a bar that you add various farming tools to such as:  cultivator shovels, disc hillers, etc.

My imagination and pocketbook are the only limiting factors with these great folks in the next town over (Hinesburg, Vermont).

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